Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Astronauts have managed to print the first meat steak at the International Space Station

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Within the space of an astronaut in space, there is no possibility to taste a beefsteak as it does on Earth, until now. The Russian section of the International Space Station has managed to print the first meat steak in space. 

This feat is the work of the Aleph Farms company that has been researching the option of growing meat artificially for years. The main objective of this company is the contribution to the reduction of the environmental footprint that we humans are leaving on the planet, but it could also serve to provide the proteins that astronauts are missing. 

The livestock market is not one of the most polluting but it does contribute to aggravate the deterioration of the climate. That is why some activists have been proposing to put a tax on meat to reduce their consumption among citizens. If the entire population of the United States ate meat only one day a week, there would be a 0.5% reduction in gas emissions.

Aleph Farms proposes to replicate the process of regeneration of the muscle tissue of cows, only under artificial conditions. This is what Russian astronauts have done in space who have been able to taste the first meat steak outside the Earth. 

The process has been very similar to that of the Aleph Farms laboratories, although the main difference with the traditional process is that the maturation is faster since they have been able to print from all sides at once thanks to the effects of the lack gravity.

This system could allow astronauts to include meat in their special diet, which until now had no place, which would provide them with a  protein supplement that would help keep the muscles more similar to how they would be living on Earth. 

This technology is still far from being able to adapt to large-scale manufacturing, there is still a lot for us to see artificial steaks of meat in supermarket fridges, but the intention is to reach that situation. The company plans to make available all synthetic steaks using “biological farms” on a large scale, with which it says it would help curb climate change.

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