Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Planet 9 of the Solar System is the size of a golf ball and would be a black hole

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How many planets does the solar system have? For many years, we have studied that our system has nine planets, Pluto being that ninth body. However, a few years ago Pluto’s “ privilege ” was removed to be a planet and it was removed from the list. Instead, a “ Planet 9 ” appeared that is named, Planet 9, and that could be a tiny black hole.

By the way, if we return to Pluto, it would again be a planet according to Bridenstine’s criteria. The administrator of NASA returned the condition of the planet to Pluto claiming that this is how he studied it in school, so there is a Planet 9 or Planet X out there that has been deceiving us for years.

And, it would not be a planet, but a very small black hole in our solar system that astronomers have been “ seeing ” for more than a century. It is a body with which they do not agree because, although we have very powerful measuring objects, it cannot be seen clearly. It was believed to be a tiny planet beyond Pluto that orbits the Sun, but the answer could be simpler.

The explanation as to why you cannot see that “ Planet 9 ” would be that being a black hole, it is impossible to do so clearly. Although we knew about the existence of black holes, and their function in the universe, we had not been able to see one of them until a few days ago, when NASA showed what a black hole looks like.

Now, however, MIT has discovered that this black hole would be doubly hard to see. First, because it is a black hole and does not reflect the light. Second because it is a body 250 times our distance from the Sun and with a diameter of about 5 centimeters. With that size, it is worthwhile to have discovered it (and that astronomers “saw” it a hundred years ago).

Despite having only 5 centimeters, it would have a mass of five times that of the Earth, a “ miniature danger ” that is right in our neighborhood. Now, it only remains to investigate the nature of this possible black hole that is in the Solar System.

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