Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

This mobile charger works with water from rivers or wind

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Spending a few days outdoors, in the middle of Nature, is very healthy and enriching. But it is a logistics problem: how do I charge the mobile? Of course, there are solar chargers or accumulators and external batteries of great capacity, which can help us. But what do we do when the external battery runs out, the sky is cloudy or it is night? For these cases, the Waterlily Turbine was created, a mobile charger that works with water or wind.

Waterlily Turbine is ideal if you camp near a river, or live in a country house with a river nearby. In that case, you will have free electricity for 24 hours a day. You just have to throw it into the river and it will recharge any battery up to 12V.

Thanks to the design of its blades, it also works with the wind. You hang it on a tree or a stick, and you can recharge your mobile in any place where the air blows a little, even if it is raining or at night. 

Waterlily Turbine has no secret. It is a conventional turbine that converts wind or hydraulic energy into electricity, as do windmills or hydraulic power plants. The key is in its small size, and the optimization of its blades so that it can produce enough energy to recharge a mobile phone or a GoPro camera, despite its small size.

According to the manufacturer, it only needs a wind or water speed of 0.28 m / sg to recharge. With a conventional river current, it charges at the same speed as a plug.

And if there is no water current near or the wind is not blowing, it is still useful: you can attach a crank and turn the turbine in manual mode to recharge a battery in an emergency, as do some flashlights.

Waterlily Turbine requires a little more infrastructure than a solar charger since if you throw it into the river you have to hold it well so that the current does not carry it and remains perpendicular to the direction of the water. Like if you hang it from a tree or a stick, to use the wind.

But in return it provides unique advantages: it is not necessary to change its position according to the Sun as a solar charger, no matter if it is cloudy or rainy, and best of all: you can recharge your mobile while you sleep, in the middle of Nature.

Waterlily Turbine is on sale at Amazon, but it is sold out. On its website, can find it for a price of around 145 euros.

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