Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

This motorized trash can will free you from one of the heaviest household chores

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Vagos and procrastinators are in luck with the design of devices like the one that we are going to present below: created by Andrew Murray, the SmartCan is a garbage receptacle accessory with two wheels and compatible with any municipal dump that collects waste one day Concrete of the week.

When the time comes, this device obeys a timer and drags the trash along the stipulated path to stand on the sidewalk.

Once it detects the vertical movement of being thrown, it will return to its initial position. There are docking stations at the departure and arrival points, which gives SmartCan the indications of its destination points.

The robotic device is still in its development stage, and there are some impediments that must be overcome, such as how to avoid obstacles such as vehicles, postmen and other pedestrians, as well as garage doors or the possibility of queuing, as well as what would happen If I tip over.

At the moment, SmartCan does not currently have a release date or price, although its creator expects to see it in the market at the end of 2020. It will be launched by his company, Rizzi.

To activate it, an app will be used on the mobile that will allow you to follow a pre-programmed schedule in advance. So you can go regularly to a delivery point and return autonomously to the place where the user will park the rest of the week.

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