Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Technologies that will make you a superhero

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The superhuman qualities of superheroes that appear in fiction, whether in movies, television or comics, are responsible for surprising us and, why not, for making us imagine what life would be like if we had superpowers.

Whether you’re looking to climb skyscrapers like SpiderMan, you want to have the incredible self-healing powers of Wolverine, the brute force of Hulk, the power of Magneto (if you like villains), the high speed of Flash, the multiple abilities of Superman, the Storm ability for weather manipulation or the spectacular skills of Captain America, scientists around the world are developing ideas to bring these extraordinary skills to the average mortal human.

Exceptions have been found in history, as the case of Daniel Browning Smith, because it perfectly embodies one of the Magnificent Four, Mr. Fantastic, since he has received several Guinness records for being the most flexible person in the world. Also known as ‘The Rubber Man’, it is capable of stretching the torso 180 degrees.

Another curious case is that of Roy Sullivan, a man who was struck by lightning up to a total of 7 times throughout his life. Thus, things, this ‘rival’ of Storm of X-Men existed in the real world, because on none of the occasions that the lightning struck him died. It was popularly known as the ‘Lightning Rod Man’. Surprisingly he ended his days committing suicide.

Also striking is the nickname ‘Magneto’ of Malaysia, a man, Liew Thow Lin, with the ability to stick metallic objects to the body. The ‘Magnetic Man’ has a defect in his skin that causes a special sucking effect that causes the metal to stick to it. Your children and grandchildren also possess this curious ability.

And from ‘The Magnetic Man’ we turn to the ‘ Ice Man’. This is Wim Hof, a film specialist who has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in shorts. This Dutchman takes ice baths for hours without flinching. According to Hof himself, the key is in the control of one’s mind thanks to a breathing technique.

There is also a Charles Xavier in reality. The human counterpart to the mythical teacher and trainer of the X-Men is Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic with a prodigious visual memory and a great talent for drawing. It is known as the human camera and thanks to its ability it can memorize landscapes and cities with the smallest of its details and then reproduce them in illustrations drawn with a marker.

We do not exaggerate; Some of these amazing technologies can make you feel like a real-life superhero. Who has not imagined being a superhero?

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