Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

This is the inside of the Logitech electromagnetic scroll mouse, the MX Master 3

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A few weeks ago, Logitech presented the MX Master 3, its new mouse with electromagnetic displacement at the IFA in Berlin. Now, thanks to Bolt we have been able to take a look under the hood and discover how it is inside. 

Logitech is one of the most popular peripheral manufacturers, with extensive experience behind it. The first Logitech MX Master mouse was launched in 2015 with the inclusion of new technology, the dual-mode scroll wheel. The corporation has been perfecting this technology, and with the MX Master 3, it has taken a step further by incorporating the electromagnetic scroll wheel powered by MagSpeed ​​technology, whose details Bolt describes in its report.

As the manufacturer claims, MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic displacement technology is precise enough to stop at a pixel and fast enough to travel 1,000 lines in just one second. It is 90% faster and 97% more accurate than other mice of the brand without an electromagnetic wheel, and also, the new mechanism stands out for being very quiet.

Logitech mice of this family have always been characterized by facilitating the change between the line-to-line mode of movement and the free-spin mode. The difference in this third generation is that, instead of using a motor and mechanical contact, the new technology uses magnets.

In Bolt, they have disassembled a unit to show us closely the operation of the MagSpeed ​​technology of the scroll wheel of the MX Master 3. The new technology eliminates the need to include a motor or any mechanical contact. To switch between the different modes, Logitech has designed a small circuit that supplies power to a coil, so that it activates and deactivates the magnets by electric peaks. 

Thanks to this new technology, the mechanism is much smaller, allows the mouse to be more precise and also does not wear out over time, so it will not fail with use. The noise reduction is also quite noticeable about the previous generation.

In his analysis, Bolt also explains what the design and ergonomics changes are about the MX Master 2S, so if you want to know all the details you can consult the report on its website. 

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